A Brief introduction to

Chinese Journal of Endemiology

1. General Information 
Journal Title: Chinese Journal of Endemiology
Print Number: ISSN1000-4995, CN23-1276/R
Frequency of Publication: Bimonthly
Format: A4
Total Page: 118
Distribution: at home and abroad
Start Publication: January 1982
Sponsorship: Chinese Medical Association
Editor-in-Chief: SUN Dian-jun
2. Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board
  The Editorial Board is composed of nationwide famous experts on endemic diseases and academic leaders on related subjects. The current Editorial Board has 45 members.
  The first and second editor-in-chief was Prof.YU Wei-han, an academician, a famous expert on Keshan disease and cardiovascular diseases; the third and fourth edition-in-chief was Prof. YANG Jian-bo, a famous epidemiologist and expert on Kaschin-Beck disease; current editor-in-chief is Prof. SUN Dian-jun, deputy chief of Center for Endemic Disease Control, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, director of Institute for Fluorosis Control, Chairman of specialist consultative committee on endemic diseases of Ministry of Health, chairman of Endemic society of Chinese Medical Association, pacemaker of emphases subject of epidemiology, and an expert in middle youth of Ministry of Health; current associate editor-in-chief CHEN Zu-pei is director of Endocrin Institute, Tianjin Medical University, a group leader of specialist consultative committee on iodine deficiency disorders, Ministry of Health; current associate editor-in-chief SUN Gui-fan is dean of school of Public Health, China Medical University, a group leader on fluorosis and endemic arsenism research, specialist consultative committee on endemic diseases of Ministry of Health; and associate editor-in-chief LI Guang-sheng is director of Endemic Disease Institute, Jilin University, a senior pathologist on endemic diseases.

3. Unique feature of the journal
  The journal reports geochemical diseases happened in China or seriously threatening people’s health (Keshan disease, Kaschin-Beck disease, Iodine Deficiency Disorders, Endemic Fluorosis, and Endemic Arsenism), and endemic natural focal diseases (plague, brucellosis, and epidemic hemorrhagic fever etc). The journal reports not only experience on endemic disease control, but also theory and advance on etiology and pathogenesis of the diseases.
Due to diversity in geographic condition, ecological environment, and resident’s habits and customs, endemic diseases in China have some characteristic different from the same types of diseases in other countries or regions. Keshan disease, Kaschin-Beck disease, coal-burning type of fluorosis, coal-buring type of arsenism, and drinking-tea type of fluorosis reported in the journal are unique in the world. These diseases are related to deficiency or poisoning of many essential trace elements such as iodine, selenium, fluorine, and arsenic which are involved in the life process. In recent years, the journal published many papers describing chemical elements menace human health, such as brain damage induced by iodine deficiency or excess and its molecular mechanism; selenium deficiency and Keshan and Kaschin-Beck diseases and preventive effect of selenium supplement; geographic distribution of high-fluorine and high-arsenic water and possible reasons; disease-causing mechanism of fluorine and arsenic on molecular level. Progress made in those respect is far beyond the field of endemic diseases, and pushed the development of related subjects. The journal has many audience and authors in China, and we believe it will also interest audience and authors in other parts of the world.
4. The journal is compiled according to international standard with copyright and content pages in English, and original articles with English abstract.
5. The journal was indexed by over 10 citation databases in China. In 1993, it was included in: China Physical Science Core Journal; Core Journal of China Biomedical Science, Core Journal of China Science and Technology; Core Journal of Preventive Medicine and Health Care. It was also included in the overall contents of China Core Journal. Its impact factor was 0.608 which was announced by China Information Institute of Science and Technology at its annual meeting on December 2003. Total frequency of indexing was 645, and was the number one among journals in preventive medicine in China.
6. In 2004, the journal was indexed in American“Chemical Abstracts” and “Russian Abstracts”.
7. Awards: In 2000, the journal was awarded the excellence technical and scientific periodical award in Heilongjiang province. In 2001, the journal was also awarded the excellent CAJ-CD norm executive award in the evaluation of China Index of Academic Journal and Evaluating Data Norm. In 2004, the journal obtained the first class award at the First Excellent Journal Evaluation of Ministry of Health, and was recommended to the Third National Excellent Journal Evaluation.
8. Contact person of the journal department: WANG Dan-na
Post code: 150086
Address: 159 Baojia Road, Nangang District, Harbin, P.R.China


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